Deengate was established in 2014 with a view of providing the teaching of Islamic sciences in a fun, exciting, professional yet traditional manner that is pleasing and upbeat. Based in Preston, Deengate is run by a group of volunteers consisting of traditionally-trained scholars. Our ethos is simple – excellence, professionalism and Islamically authentic. We aim to inspire young people to learn about their faith and religion in an academic and traditional manner. Our ultimate goal is to create a cadre of individuals who are empowered to be confident in their faith, active in their civic duties and responsible citizens.


We hope to offer single and double-weekend seminars with engaging instructors from across the UK using multimedia to captivate our audience. Topics we hope to cover include the following:

  • Study of Quran
  • Study of Hadith
  • Introduction to Islamic Creed/‘Aqidah
  • Islamic Spirituality/Tazkiyah
  • Islamic History
  • Leadership and Running Campaigns
  • History of Masjid al-Aqsa

More courses to follow

List of Shura

Mawlana Ismail Nakhuda

Mawlana Wasiullah Bhayat

Mawlana Amjad Bapu

Mawlana Hafiullah Bhayat

Mawlana Huzaifah Bhayat

Mawlana As’ad Ahmed